Why Clueless Culinary?

The idea for this site came to me after my hundredth phone call from my daughter (no exaggeration), asking me for cooking instructions. She’d just moved to Brooklyn, New York, after graduating from college and was now on her own.

In case you read my personal info, yes, I am a trained chef and have given countless cooking lessons. And yes, I offered countless times to teach her how to cook, knowing that she would one day fly the proverbial coop. No such luck. Why should she bother, as long as I was there to do it for her? She’s already warned me that she’s contemplating chaining me to a radiator in her future home so I can cook for her and her family. It makes a retirement home look appealing!

So Clueless Culinary is for my daughter, along with my other young relatives and friends who are novice cooks living on their own, as well as my older friends who have never gotten around to learning how to cook. You’re never too old!  I’ve written the instructions in each recipe assuming no prior knowledge of cooking. I’m also including potential pitfalls as well to ensure success!

I’m grouping recipes that use the same ingredients in order to avoid waste. For example, if I’m posting a recipe that asks you to buy fresh sage, I’ll include other recipes that will allow you to use it again. This simulates real life cooking, because that’s what you do when your fridge has food that needs to be used. Sometimes it might actually be leftovers that will be repurposed, but most of the time, it’s an opportunity to use raw ingredients before they have a chance to spoil. To make life really easy, I’ll link the recipes that have common ingredients, so look for bold italics when you’re looking at recipes.

Also, check out the “Ins & Outs” section for instructions on how to prep vegetables and fruits.

Need some help in setting up your kitchen?  “Tools of the Trade” will answer all of your questions. “Weights & Measures” is a handy guide you might want to print out and tape inside a kitchen cabinet.

There is also a section, “Grocery Bag,” that has a list of all your pantry basics from your shelved items to your fridge and freezer.  It also features lists of shopping ingredients you’ll need for every recipe.  Each time I post a new recipe, I’ll also post a shopping list to accompany it. All you have to do is print and go ~ how simple is that?

So please take some time to look at all the offerings on this site. It’s not just a place where I’m posting recipes. I hope you’ll find it to be a cooking home base.  Please follow Clueless Culinary on Facebook and Instagram!

Last but not least, be brave and start cooking!

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