Chopping a Cucumber

There are several types of cucumbers you can buy. Years ago, this wasn’t the case. You had your “regular” cucumber that had a dark green waxy skin that you had to peel, and the small Kirby (aka pickling) cucumbers that didn’t need peeling. The larger cucumber, the type many people grow in their gardens, have a row of large seeds in the middle, and they also contain a lot of water.

There are two other cucumbers now in the markets — English and Persian. These are my favorites because they don’t contain as much moisture and as an added bonus, their seeds are so small that you don’t have to remove them. The English cucumber is really long and comes packaged in plastic wrap. The Persian are much smaller, and  are typically sold in a  tray of about five or six. Many people don’t bother to peel these two types of cucumbers, but I like to peel them. The only time I don’t peel a cucumber is when I’m pickling them.

Here’s what to do:

1.Peel the cucumber.

2.Cut off the ends and slice lengthwise in half.

3.Slice each half again lengthwise in half. Working with one half at a time, rotate the two strips 90 degrees and slice crosswise through the strips to form cubes. Repeat with the other cucumber half.