Grocery Bag

Welcome to the Grocery Bag!  This is where I’m going to post shopping lists for every recipe I post. And you’re welcome!

I’m also publishing a list of kitchen staples. You should look at this list from time to time to make sure you’re not running short of an item.

Salt is probably in 99% of the recipes, and pepper is close behind. Therefore I want to discuss the types of salt and pepper I use so I don’t have to repeat myself (or nag  you) in every shopping list.

Salt: I like to use coarse kosher salt and fine sea salt –in general, think  coarse salt before cooking and fine salt for finishing dishes. I’ll also let you know which one to use in my recipes.

Pepper: I like to grind fresh pepper on finished dishes before eating. I fill my peppermill with a blend of mixed peppercorns and add some whole allspice berries to the mix as well. Although a true chef uses only freshly ground pepper, I take shortcuts. I buy a coarse ground black pepper to use in my everyday cooking because it’s easy to measure and easy to use!

 Never refrigerate these items: tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, and  bread. If I can’t use bread in a timely fashion, I freeze it and take out slices as I need them. I also freeze nuts and spices to keep them fresh.

I’ve broken down your pantry list into three categories: shelved, fridge and freezer items. Maybe you’ll want to print the list so you can see when you’re running short on some of these kitchen staples. I could have added even more items, but I’m remembering you’re still novices.