Cutting Mangoes

Mangoes are a tropical fruit that are absolutely delicious, especially blended into a frozen daiquiri! The most common varieties sold in the U.S. are the larger mango that typically are green and red in color, and the golden mango, which is smaller and yellow. The best way to pick a ripe mango is by squeezing it gently. You want one that yields slightly but not too much. Don’t overlook mangoes that have some green on their skin — it’s not like buying bananas!

Mangoes contain a large pit, and a good percentage of it is too fibrous to eat. Here’s how to cut one:

  1. Cut lengthwise through the mango on either side of the pit. You will hit resistance with your knife, so when you do, move the knife farther away from the center of the mango. Follow your knife. The photo below shows the pit (on the left) with the two halves.

  1. Cut each mango half in half again. Run your knife under the skin.

  2. Cut the mango into cubes or slices, depending on your recipe.

  1. There will be a bit of edible mango along the sides of the pit. Using your knife, try to cut little slices around the pit, and where you feel no resistance, cut those pieces off.  Some people like to chew on the fibrous flesh around the pit. I’ll leave that for you to decide.