There aren’t that many measuring items you need, but as you know by know, measuring is extremely important in both cooking and baking. It’s actually more important in baking — one reason I love to cook more than bake! In fact, professional pastry chefs don’t use measuring cups when they bake — they weigh their ingredients for more precision.

Speaking of pastry, in case I forget when we do make them, you never dump your measuring cup into a canister of flour. If you do that in a professional kitchen, you’re in big trouble . . . big! You spoon the flour or sugar into the measuring cup. You’re already being considered a slacker because you’re not weighing your ingredients!

I digress. You can buy either plastic or metal measuring cups and spoons. I prefer the metal because they’re more precise. While I’m preaching, never use a metal measuring cup to measure liquids. That’s another verboten.  Since you’re novice cooks, you should learn the proper way to measure so you don’t develop bad habits.

So, here is what you need:

  • 1 and 2 cup liquid measuring cups
  • set of metal measuring cups
  • set of metal measuring spoons