Pressing Garlic

When I was training to be a chef, it was verboten to use a garlic press. If you needed a smooth garlic paste, you had to first mince the garlic with your knife, then sprinkle a bit of salt over the minced garlic to help break it down, and then press the garlic with the tip of your knife until the garlic became translucent and a paste. I don’t think you are probably interested in doing that, so here’s an easier way to yield a similar result.

  1. Peel the garlic clove. An easy way to do this is to lightly smash the garlic clove with the side of your knife. It releases the papery skin.
  2. Place the peeled clove into the garlic press. Squeeze hard to release the juices and little bits of the garlic. It will stick to the other end of the garlic press, and since you don’t want to waste any of  the garlic, do this over a measuring cup or a mixing bowl. Scrape the bottom of the garlic press with a knife to extract the garlic.
  3. Make sure you remove the remains of the garlic clove from inside the garlic press before proceeding with another garlic clove or before washing the press.